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 Random !
I guess I should tell about things that I've done / where I've been for the past few months. I feel like I've been busy, that can't be right??

 I saw some great bands last month, and I had a great time with Pilvi, Markus and his friend. :> But the other ppl were really boring. Everyone was just standin around and hardly anyone partied. (Except piri-senpai :--D Some slick moves he had..)  What's up w/ that? I excepted more :(

This is from the same night I went to see pendulum. Ppl came to say nice things about my hair and even hugged me! I was pretty dumbfounded.. 

I told you I was working on with my tan! I think it looks pretty good and natural :P

I hate my wide, fat face. I hate my jawline, if I could I would use even a sandbuffer to get rid of i!
Going shopping, after a long day. I was so tired I almost fell asleep while standing.

Cute stuff from h&m and some makeup.
I'm addicted to iphone cases.. These are the coolest ones I've got! Go check them on etsy or pinterest.

 Cute owl bag from ebay.

Some cute but low quality pics of Wookie ! My little britishman.

 I already miss this hair, even though it was a huge pain in the ass >:| It's weird to see pictures of it now. So, I went to get a haircut just before NYE. (Which was very cool, but it was very hard to get into it's place every morning.)

 I had this hair for about 2-3 days. I dyed it light brown just the day before NYE. I just cannot pull of cool hair like this with my puffy-face..
So now it looks like this !

I really don't know what suits me best, but I think I'm going for a beachbunny look this summer, so no bright colours for me :D Only natural brown/blonde y/y?

And I ordered new hats! Here's some cool posing from Diesel :)

Ps: I downloaded a cute program that has Ayumi Kasuka just randomly walking around and doing weird stuff in her apartment ! It was made in 2003 so that's why it looks a bit crappy.


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