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 Killer bra and some pretty little things

I really feel like collapsing, I did a pretty hard workout today at the gym! But I'm glad, feels good to really let your steams off. Makeup / wigs really cannot be used to hide your body : | 
I hate cellulite, that bastard never seems to let go no matter what. 

Low self-esteem, please go away someday. I'd really like to forget every bad name anyone has ever said about me, and now I'm trying finally to go for the big finale on my looks it doesn't help if I remember how bad I was treated just because I used to be bigger and lazyer in middleschool. If I'd win in the lottery, I'd get a nose job, new teeths, jawline surgery, hairtransplant (I love small foreheads, weird.) and eyelid surgery. I cannot let go of how much I hate myself, because I'm so used to it.

And I'm definitely not saying this to get attention / comments or anything, no words could ever take this feeling away. But! Now when I'm working out, I'm doing something really good and I'm getting my energy back. (If someone needs a workout buddy in Tampere, I'd be happy to get to know you.)

 Some clothes from ebay and spirits store ! That bralet has been the in my dreams, I love spikes and gold. I also love the gold dots in that sweater(?) even tho it's not warm enough for Finnish winter.


 The last one is my old case. It's light pink, the new one is darker.

This is a good song for working out !

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