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 Trip to France ~
I want to write about what I'm going to do for the next few days. I'm leaving to France on Tuesday, and I'll be back to Finland on Wednesday. I'm going to the Eurockeens in Belfort to see Blur, which was always one of the most important bands to me. I don't think I'll ever get a change to tell Damon how much he helped me just by his music! But at least now I'll see him.

But I'll only be in Belfort for sunday, so I've been planning what I'm going to do in Paris for the rest of the vecation!

I've already bought all the tickets I need there. I'm going on a tourist busstour on the first or second day, 3rd and 4th day I'm going to be at Disneyworld Paris (!!!!) 

Then its free time to do whatever I feel like doing. I don't know any good (cheap) shopping places, so if anyone knows one tell me please !

I am so psyched, I've packed almost everything.......... Except my clothes are still on my bed in a complete mess. I feel ugly in everything so that's ruining my mood. But I guess I just have to suck it up and try to feel okay. 

I'll be coloring my hair mintgreen today, or maybe not.. I DON'T KNOW ! ;_;
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As some might know from my instagram, I was at Lahti 14.-16.6 because DESUCONNhnng.

It was really good, nothing bad happened and everything went smoothly. We had trouble finding a place to stay for the con, so we had to book rooms from a guesthouse called Onnenmyyrä. Which was 30mins away from the Sibeliustalo.... (where the con was held.)

But ! I was too tired to cosplay on Friday, so I had some weird magical/catgirl /maid / costume on. I also got my wigs from Gothic Lolita wigs store, so I was pretty excited for the whole day.

I ordered all of these wigs, and I don't even feel bad about it. pfft!

 I also got these free lashes, and they were L.O.N.G ! I mean it! They wouldn't be very good for daily use, IMHO. But they look so good, and made my eyes really pop out !

 I'm was wearing the pink Prima donna wig on Friday. It was really comfortable, and it sure did keep me warm even though it was a rainy day !

This is me annoying Pilvi and Markus with all my might. They just didn't pay any attention to me ! I woke two hours before them so I had my reasons.

I bought lots of new lashes! I was running low on my dolly wink collection so this should be ok for a while.

Moving on! I cosplayd Bulma (in the bunny costume she got from Oolong) from Dragon Ball on saturday and sunday, and I was genuinely surprised when a few people came to talk to me and said they haven't seen this costume before !

 I thought that this would have been one of "those" costumes, and was afraid someone might think that I chose it just because it was skimpy. So not true. Bulma is such a cutie and feisty at the same time. There really should be more animegirls like her. She's kinda tomboy'ish, but still openly sexual and has crushes easily. And she's really smart and is good with machines! Like a girl who acts exactly on her instings without losing / compromising her feminity. I think I see a lot of me in her, (personality) so it felt good to be her for a one weekend.

 You can see Senni and a little bit of Pilvi in the left picture, this is a good example of what we did the entire time. Wandering and looking at stuff. Also I can't stop laughing at how dorky I said "hi" to Carlo and Cresu when I saw them. Thank you so much Pauli for capturing my awkward handsignal. That's not how you should wave, you doofus me.

 The first one here is my favourite picture taken by Kyuu Eturautti!

 And this is the main crew. I had lots of fun!

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 Japan, macarons and instagram ~
It's been a while, but I have been trying to make things work and so-on~! I might go to Japan next year, but I won't be staying at the nekohouse. Instead I found a really cool site that allows you to go WWOOFing !

"WWOOF Japan
Price: 5,500 yen for a one year membership
Less an accommodation, more an experience. WWOOF stands for “Willing Workers on Organic Farms,” and is a volunteer work exchange program. You work at a host family’s home, business, or farm on average about 6 hours a day, 6 days a week (although this does really vary with the host) in exchange for food and accommodation. The membership costs 5500 yen for one year, and having paid that fee, you get access to the online list of hosts looking for volunteers." 
Lynn Allmon, author at GaijinPot.

You can find the whole list of free or cheap accommodations here.

I really would like to work at the Wakayama perfecture, Arida district 'cause it's close to Kōya-san and Osaka. I can't wait to get back.. And there's a flower farm! Plus I'm all in for organic farms, so this sounds like the perfect deal.

But, moving on. I've also been studying Japan and trying to make my writing more tolerable. Kanjis are still a pain in the ***, but I'm hanging on. I'm also testing my basic knowledge.

 My handwriting is truly awful.

It's been so warm in Finland! GAH. I've really enjoyed myself by taking walks and so on, visiting new places. I went to see some food stands that were staying at Tampere for a few weeks, the food was amazing !!

 I ate so much in one day, I mean those chocolate dipped strawberry-banana sticks?? COME ON!!  

You can see my tattoo in the first picture, yay! I always forget I have one, d'oh. That black and white dress is from ASOS petite. I really recommend their clothes to short girls, it fits PERFECTLY!


 I have been eating lots of berries, (too much if you ask me) had some good drinks, I've spend quality time with my pets, read books and played awesome games. Happiness comes from the smallest of things.

 I absolutely love that white top from mangodoll in the last picture, finally a small top that doesn't flatten my bewbs down to my belly. 

Orange maxi skirt is from Japan, big sunhat is from Accessories, bag is from yeswalker.

Ripped top in the first picture is from Bronx, jeans from ebay, shoes from nelly, army jacket from nelly and sunglasses from asos.

I'm having a good summer, woah ! Trying to enjoy every bit of it, so you can see what I'm doing everyday from my instagram, minmi8 ~

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